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Luftwaffe Aviation History

By Dr. David Myhra

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Traveler's Diary: Journey to Southern Chile & The Most Massive Advancing Glacier on Earth PIO XI


It has been said that the massive size, height and width of Pio XI glacier in southern Chile, with it’s huge, blunt snout (face), well out front of it’s carved peaks and fjords, remains solely in all the world as one of the most visual places on Earth. As it advances, unlike any other glacier in the world! Enjoy the beautiful photographs of the Pio XI Glacier and the Queen Mary II taken by Dr David Myhra on his journey to South America. Read the history of the glacier’s discovery, view the maps of “The Traveler’s” trek and views from his lenses, photos of the glacier, including a couple from space! Look for future volumes of “The Traveler’s Diary”, coming soon!

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